Windows 10 Professional
  Upgrade to Windows 10 Professional for only $39.95 - In Store Only!
Price is for clean install only.  Includes 1 Product Key that can activate one CPU only, non transferrable.

Welcome to TechNode Systems


Networking, server setup, data design and hardware. We setup all types of networks, from home networks to business networks. Just name it and we'll be there ready to take care of your data needs.  We install wireless and wired networks and develop networking software to help with your business and home needs.

Websites and Business portals

We have a wide range of websites and products we can provide for you and your goals.  Want to sell your products and services online?  We make a great interactive website for users to get what they want from your website.

Software Development

Need software for your company or organization?  We develop all sorts of interfaces and graphical interactions.  We create intuitive ways to reach your customers with intuitive apps, QR codes and interfaces that lead them into an information pipeline through their cell phones, computers or other technological means.


Want to know more about computers and potentially learn how to program?  TechNode Systems has great options for you, cost effective ways to learn about how computers work and how to operate them.  Also if you can inquire about learning to program in .NET languages.  VB and C# are at the heart of the new Windows 8 environment.  Take advantage now and learn how to program to make your life easier!

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